I just realised that, for the first time in my entire life, I actually have a calendar that I have to check before I can committ to doing things! I love this! ;)
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Bob Barker!

On 1 July 2002, I wrote the following in my LJ:

A slightly younger Bob Barker saunters up to the ladies like the big spending, smooth criminal type you often see in these types of films. His gaudy shirt is unbuttoned halfway and his sequined tie hangs loosely around his neck. He drips with this rather Tom Jones'esk devilish charm and, as creepy older men always do in these sorts of things, scores with the ladies. Throughout the entire situation, you can hear a really drippy acid jazz version of The Price Is Right theme song playing in the backround.

God, I love my work.

Today, this video comes out:


Long story short, he refused the opportunity to be a porn star! ;) Muahaha!

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Decision -

I've decided that I am going to do whatever the fuck I want to do, when I want to do it. Anyone that doesn't like it can kiss my fat white ass.

Bush Fires, Feelings and Relief Efforts -

I guess that I don't really need to say that I'm completely emotionally drained today. Nick and I came home late last night, but only after the "final notice" was given on the CFA website. We were very lucky to have a supportive place to go during this ordeal.

There is so much running through my head today. When all of this bush fire nonsense first started just over a week ago, I was nervous but not really scared. Nick and I packed some bags and kept them by the door in case we needed to make a quick exit. We didn't think we would ever have to use them, though. In fact, we were going to unpack them last night when the fire near our place started. The fire was 600m away from our home. When I saw that massive plume of smoke, I was genuinely scared. I sat at Nick's cousin's house sick to my stomach at the thought of coming home to ashes where my house once stood. You can say that if you're safe then it's all going to be okay, but it isn't. I didn't realise how different it was until we were the ones affected. We are thanking our lucky stars, but this situation could very well have ended differently.

Most of all, it took this situation for us to realise that we really AREN'T prepared for something like this. There are so many things we need to get and prepare in advance that we didn't even think of. Needless to say, we're going to take care of those things now. I think that, after this situation, I am going to be a massive advocate of getting your bush fire plan ready. It doesn't matter where you live...you need to have one. You never know what will happen.

Moving on slightly, I have received a very generous donation from an individual to go toward funeral flower donations for the unlucky victims of the bush fires. I was able to buy a number of sundries for this relief effort, which I am very thankful for. I have also spoken to my main flower wholesaler, who has agreed to assist with this project in any way they can. The outpouring of support is amazing. I hope that this, even in some small way, helps these families through this difficult time. As I mentioned before, please contact me if you know of anyone that could benefit from this donation.

To everyone: Thank you for your support throughout this ordeal and everything else. You are all so special to me. And please...stay safe.
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Bush Fires -

Just wanted to let you know that Nick and I are safe. We left very soon after the fire near us started. Only two or so streets away, it was too close for comfort...and way too much smoke for my liking. We're now in Dandenong at his cousin's place. Not sure where we'll be tonight, but I'll keep y'all updated.
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Free Funeral Flowers for Bushfire Victims -

As most of you know, I am a freelance florist. Unfortunately due to the recent bush fires, many lives have been lost. In an effort to help in some way, I would like to donate flowers for the funerals of some of these victims free of charge. If you know of anyone that would benefit from this donation, please contact me on (03) 9754 6680, 0401 221 303 or admin@lasallefloraldesign.com and tell me your story. My promise to you is to provide beautiful tributes to honour your precious loved ones.

Another Bushfire Relief Resource -

If you want to volunteer your time to help out with bushfire relief, you can register your interest here:


Nick and I have just registered our interest in volunteering on the weekends (unfortunately, that's all we can do since we work/go to school). Some of the things you can do include providing food and support to the firefighters, working in the relief centres and cleaning up after the fact.

Haunting -

I think there might be a small chance that my house is haunted. Let's examine this idea for a moment:

1. I've heard voices in here a few times. One time, Nick had gone to bed and I was turning off all the lights in the front of the house. As I walked into the room, I heard a woman's voice say, "Goodnight."

2. We've now had two instances of doors in the house moving on their own. The first time, Nick and I were cleaning the house when the laundry door slammed shut. There weren't any windows open and nothing was leaning against the door. This last time just happened about 10 minutes ago. I was sitting in my lounge room on the phone with my mom when it sounded like Nick was coming through the door. We're talking the sound of the handle turning and the door opening. No one was there or even outside around the neighbourhood. And to my knowledge, the door was locked.

More shit will have to happen before I declare this place to be haunted, but that's definitely a start. I've experienced a haunting before at a hotel I used to work at, but I've never had freaking doors open and close by themselves and heard voices that came from no one else.

I wish I had a K2 meter. ;)
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How You Can Help -

I know a lot of us in the safer areas of Victoria are asking ourselves what we can do to help. It might not seem like a lot, but there are a few things all of us can do that will provide a large service to those in need. One is to donate money to the CFA and various other relief organisations out there dedicated to assisting with the Victorian bush fires. Here's a list of some of these organisations:

CFA bushfire hotline - http://www.cfa.vic.gov.au

Red Cross - http://www.redcross.org.au

Salvation Army - http://www.salvationarmy.org.au/SALV/HOMEPAGE/pc=HOME

St Vincent de Paul - http://www.vinnies.org.au/home.cfm?nocache=932312

Wildlife Rescue - http://www.wildlifevictoria.org.au/cms/index.php

Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund - http://relieffund.org.au/

Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund - Donations can be made at any branch of National Australia Bank (BSB: 082-001, Acct. No.: 860 046 797)

Another excellent thing you can do is to donate blood. This small act of charity will make a big difference, particularly if you have a rare blood type. If you would like to make an appointment to do this, I urge you to go to the Red Cross website and fill out their online request form: http://www.donateblood.com.au/page.aspx?IDDataTreeMenu=47&parent=31 I've submitted my form, and hopefully I'll be giving blood on Wednesday.

And to everyone: Stay safe.
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